Mobile Millennials

This past fall, a survey indicated that new college graduates are likely to move on from their first post-college job within a year from their hire date. Whether this is a consequence of a difficult economy making it hard to find a dream career job, or a reflection of the unwillingness of Millennials to commit… Read more »

The True Costs of Hiring

Bolt Craigslist Career Builder Posting Costs $0 $75 $419 Resume Sort Costs $0 $160 $160 Interview 3 & Reference Check $0 $320 $320 Testing costs $0 $100 $100 Cost to Walk in Door on Day 1 $0 $655 $999 1/2 Day Working Interview $100 $80 $80 Cost to Get to Noon on Day 1 $100… Read more »

Unemployment Law Changes

Changes to unemployment laws are coming tomorrow. These will affect all employers. In California, new penalties will apply to employers mishandling unemployment claims. They can be as much as 10 times the claimant’s weekly benefit. Because we cover our assignment employee’s state and federal unemployment claims in addition to Worker’s Compensation, we are always current… Read more »

Time to look around??

Have you found yourself wondering if your organization is being the best it can be?  Does it seem things are dragging off in the wrong direction? Maybe it’s time to see what a new face can bring to your company.  Bringing someone new in to help even for a short time can sometimes inspire others… Read more »


As the economy rebounds from the various shocks and insults of the past few years, employers are looking to temporary employees in new ways. The increasing financial burdens imposed on employers are making them ever more cautious when they seek to increase their payrolls. As a result, employers are looking increasingly to staffing agencies to… Read more »

Human Resources = Human Relations

Recently, we developed a relationship with a particular client and came to understand his business and the kind of people who would succeed in it.  As it happened, recently someone came through our door that fit the client’s business to a tee.  Because we understood the client’s needs we were able to identify this guy… Read more »

Making the Most of Your Orders With BOLT

Successful placements begin with a clear description of what you are seeking in your new employee. The time you invest with us when you place the order will pay big dividends in getting you the person you’re looking for. Obviously a job description is a good place to start.  Is this a position that you can rely… Read more »

Not the ADA, It's the ACA!

From Joanne Sanders Joanne Sanders The new federal healthcare mandates contained in the Affordable Care Act (ACA) are less than a year from taking full effect. Some elements will come even sooner. How do you plan to adapt to the sweeping changes to employment law that are bearing down on us all?If you have 50… Read more »

Dollars and Sense: I can't afford to use an agency!

 Are you open to a surprise?  It’s natural to focus on the fees an agency like BOLT charges for our services and compare them to the cost of putting an ad on Craigslist and a few other job sites and conclude it’s cheaper to do it yourself (DIY).  That is the conventional wisdom.  As is… Read more »

Most Place-able Candidates!

Every day our trained BOLT Staffing recruiters interview, reference check, and place candidates for our clients.  While we always want to place our standouts, we don’t always have a job order for them. Here’s Jane Tanner:  Call her to learn more! a quick look at the kind of exceptional people we’ve met recently: Candidate #1: … Read more »