Dollars and Sense: I can't afford to use an agency!

 Are you open to a surprise?  It’s natural to focus on the fees an agency like BOLT charges for our services and compare them to the cost of putting an ad on Craigslist and a few other job sites and conclude it’s cheaper to do it yourself (DIY).  That is the conventional wisdom.  As is… Read more »

Most Place-able Candidates!

Every day our trained BOLT Staffing recruiters interview, reference check, and place candidates for our clients.  While we always want to place our standouts, we don’t always have a job order for them. Here’s Jane Tanner:  Call her to learn more! a quick look at the kind of exceptional people we’ve met recently: Candidate #1: … Read more »

4-Tens and Temps

Recently we’ve received orders from companies working 4 ten hour shifts per week (4×10). We’ve appreciated the orders, because for our assignment employees who can manage the longer workdays, the 3 day weekend is very appealing. Because 4×10 schedules are an exception for us, we encountered a situation we hadn’t thought about before.  If you’re… Read more »

Temporary to Permanent: The Efficient Route to Successful Hires

How many times have you wished that you had an opportunity to evaluate something that you’ve bought before you parted with your hard won dollars? Buyer’s remorse is part of life. However, there are a few places where you don’t have to buy unknowns. If you are thinking of adding staff, it’s time to think… Read more »

Highlights from Seminar

Celia McArdle, our payroll maven recently attended a Payroll Law seminar in Santa Rosa. “I walked out relieved, but even more paranoid than when I walked in,” she said. “I was relieved because we already complied with everything they talked about that applied to us. I was more paranoid as a result of knowing about… Read more »

What's a Direct Hire?

There are situations when a client wants to bring a candidate directly on to their payroll, rather than employ them as a temp. Perhaps they’ve had trouble finding the candidate they are looking for. Maybe they don’t have the resources to devote to recruiting and interviewing. Maybe the person they are looking for isn’t even… Read more »

Why the Buyout Fee?

Most of our service agreements provide for a fee in the event that we place someone with you that you decide will be an asset to your company. Typically we discount the fee over the time they work for your as our temp. Usually the discount will bottom out after about 3 months of workdays… Read more »

High Unemployment Rate; Low Employables

These are strange times.  California’s jobless rate hovers close to eleven percent, yet the number of available, qualified job applicants can sometimes seem close to zero. Sure you can run an ad on any of the usual places and you’ll be buried in resumes. However when you sort through the chaff, it can be as… Read more »

Structural? Cyclical? Does it Really Matter?

The question of whether the changes in the labor market over the past three years are part of a permanent, structural change in the American economy, or whether they’re due to a cycle that’s soon to return to normal isn’t very important to someone looking for a job. However, for employers, Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke’s… Read more »

California DLSE Issues Revised Wage Theft Law, FAQs provide support for ASA notice form

On Dec. 30, ASA issued an Issue Alert regarding California Labor Code section 2810.5(a), which requires that certain wage and other information be provided to each employee at the time of hire in the language the employer normally uses to communicate employment-related information. On Jan. 23, 2012, the California Division of Labor Standards Enforcement issued… Read more »