You’re In Good Company

Watching our candidates succeed is what drives us. Here’s what our talent says about working with BOLT Staffing.

“Throughout my multi-faceted and varied career, I’ve worked with MANY recruiters and staffing agencies, both temporary and permanent placements. I’ve not seen anything like BOLT Staffing’s “Talent Showcase”. Not even close! I expect this will help launch my career into outer space. Thank you BOLT Staffing for your creative endeavors, thinking outside the box.”

Jay G.

The BOLT representatives at the local offices have all been great. The jobs I have been assigned are sensible and the companies I’ve worked at provide a clean and safe work environment. BOLT continues to come up with marketing programs to further support and promote candidates to employers. They are not just sitting back during… Read more »

John B.

“I have had the opportunity to meet new people, learn new skills, and create lasting connections.  I’m thankful that I have Bolt to call on when I’m looking for something new, in-between, or alongside other opportunities”

Brooke H.

I started working for Bolt years ago. It started when my regular job cut back my hours and I needed extra work to make ends meet. After a few months of temporary jobs, Bolt offered me a stable job within a 10-minute drive from my home in Vallejo. It felt great to be able to… Read more »

Sandra R.

I was having difficulty finding a job before BOLT Staffing found my resume and brought me in for an interview. Their recruiters arranged an interview for me with the IT department at the Golden Gate Bridge district. I was brought on for a long-term, interim assignment. It was an awesome opportunity to work with great… Read more »

Matt F.

I get to be part of the winemaking process and get paid every week!

Jacob S.

The Bolt recruiters made me feel like a person, not a number. I felt that I was listened to and the interviews I was sent on played to my strengths.

Kathy T.

The BOLT recruiters worked with me to find me a job.  They kept pushing me, even though I was about to give up on my job search. They found me a job that fits my schedule and now I really enjoy what I do.

Eric W.

I have worked with Bolt Staffing since 2009. The reason I’ve been with them so long is they are accommodating when finding me work and the recruiters are always positive and very nice. If something got messed up (like my paycheck) they fixed it right away to make sure I get paid that week. I… Read more »

Paula V.

I like BOLT Staffing because of their patience and willingness to work with me. The weekly check-in phone calls were cool: wondering how things were going for me at work was a nice personal touch. Thank you BOLT, the best staffing company I’ve ever worked for!

Scott R.

They a job 3 days after completing the application and my paperwork. They were careful to explain all steps clearly and were very good at answering all of my questions. I would highly recommend this agency in every way.

Jesus P.

BOLT is the best staffing agency I’ve ever worked with. They provide great customer service and answer all my questions.

Brandon C.

The staff at BOLT are friendly, easygoing, and very helpful. They helped me find the right job with no hassle. Best agency I’ve ever worked with!

Efrain M.

BOLT was able to accommodate the testing needs I had. They provided me with a friendly and quiet atmosphere, which was much appreciated.

David M.

They are a great agency that provides the perfect job for the right person. Thanks, BOLT!

Monica C.

It was quick and easy to find a quality job with minimal hassle. The staff is friendly and on top of their jobs.

Tyler S.

I have been to a few agencies, but I feel more confident working with BOLT than I have felt with the others. I am excited to work with BOLT Staffing and find a career that is the right fit for me. Thank you!

Jennifer A.

BOLT helps you find work, they keep you busy, and the customer service is great!

Ceasar L.