Tale from the Trenches: On Background Checks

Beginning this year, Bolt Staffing started performing criminal background checks on all employees prior to placing them on long term assignments with our clients.  Until now, we’ve followed industry practice and performed checks on people placed in positions of trust such as accounting personnel, or when requested by our clients. While that has proved adequate, we… Read more »

What’s in a Markup?

Have you ever taken a percentage to the bank?  Have you ever cashed a check payable in percentage? Like many businesses, the staffing industry has various ways to price our services. Markup is a common term that usually refers to a fee that is a percentage of the employee’s wage that’s added to that wage.… Read more »

How's Your Business Doing?

For the first time since 2007, we don’t have to dread answering that question!  Our summer peak season was a very good one historically speaking, and compared to the last two years it was spectacular.  If you’re wondering:  “Great, what’s that got to do with me and my business?” keep reading. Intuitively, we all understand… Read more »

Surprises: Eligible to Work?

We verify the social security numbers of all the people we place.

Writing Effective Job Descriptions

Writing effective job descriptions is part art, part science. The difference between a good job description and a great job description can mean the difference between recruiting average and exceptional talent. So to steal a line from author Jim Collins, how do you go from “Good to Great”? Here are a few essentials to crafting… Read more »