Keeping Your Compensation Competitive

The quick turnaround of the economy from the post-bust years following 2008 to the current boom is breathtaking. As a result, employers run the risk of being caught in the age of yesterday’s salaries. While it really was just yesterday, the current reality is a geologic age from just 3 or 4 years ago. As… Read more »

5 Words Employers Want to Hear

Here are words both employers and prospective employees want to be aware of. The article lists 5 that are good signs and 3 that are not. Our words reveal more about us than we often think. So whether you are crafting a resume and preparing for an interview or looking for the ideal, hire pay… Read more »

Attracting Millennials: the Next 401(k)?

The talent shortage facing many employers and their recruiters is spawning creative ideas to hook and land prospects. One of the latest is student loan repayment. Many young people are walking off the commencement stage with more than diplomas. According to this article the average student loan burden is in the $30,000 range. With that… Read more »

Oh by the way, You're No Longer Exempt!

Very soon, the US Department of Labor (DOL) will be issuing its new decree raising the minimum salary threshold for exempt employees, leaving employers wearing the black hats unless they handle the news very delicately. While the DOL no doubt has good intentions raising the minimum salary for employees to be considered exempt from overtime… Read more »

Bullies, Psychopaths and Other Co-workers

Bullying has become something of a buzzword in the popular press these days. It was only a matter of time before the concept worked its way into the business world. Nonetheless, bullies in the workplace are an expensive and destructive force that employers can ill afford at any time but especially at times like these… Read more »

Beware the Beast!

We often find the limits of our rights and freedoms at the margin of the law.  Things that appear wacky to many people seem to wind up in court, particularly if an employer is involved. In this case the Beast that we are talking about does not play professional football. The Devil appears to be… Read more »

Drugs? Who's on drugs?

Relentless propaganda regarding drugs has made them a national obsession. Here is an article with good advice on the steps to follow once you detect a turn for the worse in an employee, but the idea of ascribing ambiguous symptoms to drug abuse in the absence of other evidence is dubious. Aside from someone who… Read more »

Federal Firing Squad?

If you are confronting implementation of the Affordable Care Act (aka: ACA/Obamacare), you know how confusing the law is.  Just to add to your perplexities, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) filed three suits against different employers over their wellness programs. The lawsuits not only threaten employers, but also threaten the support of the most… Read more »

Millennials: Another Stereotype Shattered?

You’d think that five decades after the civil rights movement people would have rejected stereotyping anyone, but alas that’s not the case. One of the more recent targets of gross labeling are the millennials, or those born roughly during the last two decades of the twentieth century and the early years of the 21st. The… Read more »

FIRE!! Is your extinguisher training current?

Anyone who has needed to use a fire extinguisher will agree that when the need arises there is no better friend. Extinguishers have saved countless lives and untold amounts of property from damage. In most workplaces they are thought of about as much as the paint trim. However, employers need to pay attention to what… Read more »