Unemployment Law Changes

Changes to unemployment laws are coming tomorrow. These will affect all employers. In California, new penalties will apply to employers mishandling unemployment claims. They can be as much as 10 times the claimant’s weekly benefit.
Because we cover our assignment employee’s state and federal unemployment claims in addition to Worker’s Compensation, we are always current on changes in laws and regulations impacting our responsibility to each of our assigned employees.
There is little doubt that the recession is causing state and federal governments to recover the benefits they paid out in the last few years. The result is skyrocketing unemployment insurance rates (both FUTA and SUTA) for employers.
If you’re making employment decisions, pay attention to the new requirements for documentation you will need to keep on file.
On the other hand you can let us handle the new burdens for you. Not only do we process claims for all employees we put on assignment, we often have subsequent assignments for them to keep them earning.
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