Making the Most of Your Orders With BOLT

Successful placements begin with a clear description of what you are seeking in your new employee. The time you invest with us when you place the order will pay big dividends in getting you the person you’re looking for. Obviously a job description is a good place to start.  Is this a position that you can rely on BOLT to fill without an interview?
In many cases, if we can directly dispatch someone to your office, our costs, and therefore your bill will be lower. For example, many clerical and administrative positions can be dispatched directly provided you give us a clear picture of what you’re looking for.
Looking for a certain competence in MS Office? Let us know, along with details like dress code, hours, workdays and we can often find someone who will be a perfect fit without you having to waste your time interviewing.
Our “Four Hour Working Interview” is not only cost effective, but by putting the person to work in your company you’ll see exactly what you can expect.  While we call this an “interview”, please recognize that the employee will expect to be paid for their time, regardless of the outcome.
Other positions like warehouse labor can be filled the same way. Don’t hesitate to ask our opinion when you place the order. If we don’t think a direct dispatch or working interview will work we’ll tell you.
Once we have the order in hand, we’ll work to get you the best fit for your company.  If we’re doing a direct dispatch we’ll contact you when we are ready to send out the employee.
At this point whether it’s a direct dispatch or someone you’ve interviewed it’s a great idea to have one of your current employees ready to meet the new person and help them get settled in. This “on-boarding” process will happen one way or another, so why not do it the most efficient way to get your new person productive as quickly as possible?
Giving a trusted employee the opportunity to show a new person around sends a powerful message to both the new and experienced person. You are showing confidence in your “old hand” and telling the new person that they are a valued member of your team right from the start.
No matter what your business, your success depends on how successful your employees are.  Making people feel welcome instills confidence and gives them the best opportunity to show you what they can bring to your business.

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