As the economy rebounds from the various shocks and insults of the past few years, employers are looking to temporary employees in new ways. The increasing financial burdens imposed on employers are making them ever more cautious when they seek to increase their payrolls. As a result, employers are looking increasingly to staffing agencies to provide them employees on a temp-to-hire or simply on a temporary basis.
Employees who prove themselves are easy to convert to the employer’s payroll. It’s a win-win for both employer and job seeker.  Here’s an article from the San Diego Union-Tribune that details the trend. It is a trend that is as evident to us in the North Bay Area as it appears to be elsewhere.
The bottom line? Temp jobs are no longer restricted to entry level or labor positions. Professional positions in management and other disciplines are increasingly being filled by employers on a “try before you buy” basis. Whether you’re looking for a job, or looking to hire someone, there are many reasons to call BOLT first!


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