Human Resources = Human Relations

Recently, we developed a relationship with a particular client and came to understand his business and the kind of people who would succeed in it.  As it happened, recently someone came through our door that fit the client’s business to a tee.  Because we understood the client’s needs we were able to identify this guy as someone they didn’t want to miss.
Both the employer and the employee are happy today, even though the employer didn’t think he’d need anyone for another few months.  However, being astute, he recognized talent when he saw it and decided that there was plenty for the new guy to do until the moment he was planning for arrives.
Jennifer Laxton wrote a piece about the value of recruiters and their growing importance as time goes on and more baby boomers head off into the sunset.  What she is talking about is exactly how we functioned for our client.
In the end, Human Resources is about Human Relationships.  Here’s her article.


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