No Cost Key to Recruiting Success?

Is your company looking to increase productivity, enhance your employee’s loyalty and boost your company’s appeal to potential employees? Is it possible to to achieve all this at no additional cost to your company? Could you actually save money while achieving these kind of gains? There is one employee perk that can benefit both the… Read more »

Interns Help Business, Business Helps Interns!

Savvy business people and government managers have long recognized the many advantages young, typically college age, people can bring to an organization over the summer and other vacation periods. A recent AP article highlighted the new levels Silicon Valley biggies like Google have elevated the opportunities and perks they offer to young talent. As you… Read more »

You Know You're in Troble When…

…a Texas jury delivers an $11.6 million award against you! Microsoft unwittingly sponsored a real life, on-the-job soap opera that is enormously costly even setting aside the astronomical sum the jury handed the plaintiff. This is a case study of a runaway manager creating a catastrophe. The story contains a ton of nuggets that apply… Read more »

3 Employment Law Trends for HR Managers

This post and one we’ll have up on Friday, June 6, speak to the realities facing employers. While both stories originate outside of California, both contain lessons that are as important as they are applicable to California employers. The first article is from Phoenix, but it outlines national trends in legal impacts on employers. This… Read more »

Put a Little Bounce In Your Business!

Summer is here and opportunities to bring some fresh air and a spark into your business abound! Tech savvy and bright, energetic young people are looking for work experience to enhance their educations and build the real world foundations of their future careers. College students offer employers many ways to enliven and grow their businesses.… Read more »

ACA Misunderstandings

Note this article ran in our May 2014 newsletter. If you haven’t subscribed, simply click here. Unfortunately the confusion resulting from the troubled roll out of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) generated misunderstandings regarding employer responsibilities to temporary employees. Recently, I spoke with a client who thought that their company may have to provide medical… Read more »

Making the Most of Your Staffing Agency

  Business is all about optimization.  Thriving and even surviving always comes down to efficient use of your resources.  Usually, the most expensive component of daily operations is people.  Regardless, in every business people are the most important factor.  As we start a new year it’s worth thinking about how you’re using this vital resource… Read more »

Economic "Gains" Don't Inspire Hiring

This article from San Diego reflects what many sense about the economic numbers. The news and numbers may suggest improvement, but the reality among recruiters remains cautious. How are companies coping with the uncertainty?  Click to find out. The article also mentions a surprising number CareerBuilder uncovered regarding the cost of a bad hire. As… Read more »

29% of Employees are Passionate?

Here’s an interesting discussion comparing the importance of experience for a job versus talent for the job. A Gallup polls shows 29% of employees show up passionate and engaged in their work.  As the author shows, hiring using experience as the key to job qualification is sure to put round pegs in your square holes. … Read more »

Shop Locally with Bolt Staffing

Free enterprise from farmers to finance built America.  It’s the family farm and the family business that formed our foundation.  As we move into the future, such enterprises just may resume their traditional prominence in our lives. Perhaps because of the strains on all of us resulting from the stress on the larger economy, people… Read more »