Why Bolt?

Bolt Staffing is the leader of personal staffing services in Northern California. Our mission is to help good people find good jobs. As a certified Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) staffing firm, we take pride in treating all of our clients and employees with honesty and integrity.

Staffing Northern California

Our Story

We started in 1994 as a home-based, one-woman business. Bolt’s founder and CEO is an immigrant, born the daughter of a hispanic migrant farmworker. She took the lessons learned about hard work and, true to the American Dream, founded her own business in Sonoma in 1998. Since then, BOLT has landed on the Inc. 500 list and grown to be a recognized player in the Northern California staffing industry.

Bolt is a family owned business with the efficiency and effectiveness of a big staffing firm. Whether you are looking for a new opportunity, or to find the employee you need, we hope you will trust us to make it happen.

For Job Seekers

  • We believe that everybody who applies deserves a chance to speak with us. Once you apply, YOU schedule a time to speak with a recruiter.
  • Our focus is on community. Job seekers of all types are invited to work with Bolt, whether you are looking for a position in administration, accounting, government, or light industry.
  • Our recruiting team specializes in different types of positions. You will work with a recruiter who specializes in the types of jobs you are looking for.

For Hiring Managers

  • Our model makes sure that you work with one person throughout your relationship with Bolt. The same person who signs your contract will work with you directly to fill your staffing orders.
  • Bolt internal staff has over 100 years of combined staffing experience.You can rely on us to be your staffing partner, not just your staffing vendor.
  • We bring extra value to the table. Once you are a client, you have access to our Talent Showcase that features the best local talent we have to offer.

Discover the difference real relationships can make to your success

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