Not the ADA, It's the ACA!

From Joanne Sanders
Joanne Sanders
The new federal healthcare mandates contained in the Affordable Care Act (ACA) are less than a year from taking full effect. Some elements will come even sooner. How do you plan to adapt to the sweeping changes to employment law that are bearing down on us all?If you have 50 or more employees, the full force of the law will land on you. As an example of strategic adaptation, we know some employers who are above 50 employees today, and are seriously considering partnering with staffing companies to get below the magic number since temporary employees will not affect their headcount towards the 50. This year’s headcount will affect your costs in 2014 when ACA takes full affect.There is no magic bullet for staffing agencies. The changes will affect us as well, but one thing is clear, employers can only benefit by exploring potential advantages of partnering with agencies. This is the best time to start that conversation. As the picture comes into clearer focus this year, continuing a conversation with a potential partner will be much easier than starting one next December.If you’d like to schedule a meeting with me to see how we might benefit your company, please call or email me to schedule a meeting. I can bring our own experience and expertise along with the input we have from our professional relationships and association memberships to inform you and help you navigate the best course for your company as we head into the future.

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