Oh by the way, You're No Longer Exempt!

Very soon, the US Department of Labor (DOL) will be issuing its new decree raising the minimum salary threshold for exempt employees, leaving employers wearing the black hats unless they handle the news very delicately.
While the DOL no doubt has good intentions raising the minimum salary for employees to be considered exempt from overtime regulations to the $50K neighborhood, there is very little consideration of the impact on the often delicate balances in the individual relationships between employers and employees.
From the perception of demotion by being reduced to punching a clock, to disrupting telecommuting arrangements, the impact of the regulations on your organization deserves careful consideration for its personal impact on each employee.
Leading your deliberations is how you plan to present the changes to employees. This is a situation where your personal touch could yield big dividends. If ever there was a case of perception being everything, this is it.
Here’s an article offering ideas on the kind of conversations you can expect.


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