Beware the Beast!

We often find the limits of our rights and freedoms at the margin of the law.  Things that appear wacky to many people seem to wind up in court, particularly if an employer is involved.
In this case the Beast that we are talking about does not play professional football.
The Devil appears to be jumping up often enough that he’s spawning his own classification of employment lawsuits, namely “Mark of the Beast” suits.  This article contrasts two such suits that had different outcomes based on the way each employer chose to take the matter by the horns.
When confronted with seemingly outlandish assertions and complaints as these its important to find the proper focus.  It’s all too easy, and potentially expensive, to react to the situation as it’s presented to you.  If you catch yourself thinking something like “what the hell is this all about,” your better angels could be cautioning you to take a step back.
In one case an employer weighed the potential employee’s assertions against any possible business related hardship resulting from accommodating him.  This employer escaped the clutches of the legal demons.
In the other case, the employer chose to deal with the assertion at face value.  It cost the company a $150,000 award.
As always, the devil is in the details!


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