Bullies, Psychopaths and Other Co-workers

Bullying has become something of a buzzword in the popular press these days. It was only a matter of time before the concept worked its way into the business world.
Nonetheless, bullies in the workplace are an expensive and destructive force that employers can ill afford at any time but especially at times like these when employees are difficult to find.
This article lists some of the popular forms these monsters can take. It offers some procedures to protect your organization and reduce the risks and costs of workplace bullies.
There is a particular flavor of bully on the list that is worth special attention. Psychopaths (or sociopaths) are a special case of bully that is toxic to any organization, and can be as difficult for the unwary manager to spot as they are destructive.
Charming and apparently effective, they can appear to be the ideal manager. However their dark side is often only visible after they do their damage. Here is another article that discusses characteristics that all people involved in hiring potential leaders must be aware of.


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