Legal Use of Herbs

Tonight I made a quick, low fat, hearty soup following a recipe from Bon Appétit magazine. It wasn’t blog-worthy, except for the finish: herb infused olive oil (chicken and white bean soup with herb swirl, March 2009). The recipe started with chopping fresh sage, rosemary and thyme (Simon and Garfunkle anyone?) and adding it to… Read more »

These Aren’t Bread Crumbs!

My brother is an accomplished chef. In less than four decades on earth, he has fed Bushes, Gores and Jobs. Several years ago, he gave me an excellent recipe for homemade croutons that transforms an ageing baguette into a gourmet accessory to bedazzle any soup or salad. You can make this with sliced or cubed… Read more »

New Background Check Policy At Bolt Staffing….

Beginning in January 2011, we will be conducting criminal background checks on all employees placed on assignments lasting one week or longer.  Social security number verifications have been and will continue to be done on every employee we place.  We use an independent, reputable background checking firm to conduct our background checks.  If you have questions about… Read more »

Tuna Melts For Lunch

“Mom, you should blog about this.” Writing about food almost every day for the past week is catching on my family. Today I made tuna melts for lunch. Something magical happens when you heat the ingredients in this sandwich. Tuna on its own is not popular with my kids, in fact, they say they don’t… Read more »

Leveraging Lentils

Leveraging Lentils I try to keep lentils on hand because they satisfy without the baggage of meat. Instead of serving them with brown rice tonight, I made roasted fingerling potatoes which are sold in a mixed bag at Costco. I removed the dark purple ones because they are too dense and grainy for my taste.… Read more »

Burritos To Clear Out The Fridge

“What are we having for dinner tonight?” The call came in at 2 ish this afternoon. I knew there was a leftover ground beef/veggie mixture in the fridge that needed to be reinvented…. “Burritos.” Lately I’ve been surprised at what my family will consume if it’s rolled in a flour tortilla. We play restaurant while… Read more »

What? Your Staff Doesn't Like Mayo?

A Healthy Alternative to Mayonnaise with Artichokes Last week Lucky’s had artichokes for 69 cents each.  They are tasty.  It looks like a good year for artichokes and avocados – our signature produce! Here is what I often serve with artichokes.  The kids love it and it’s easy on the arteries.  Plus, if they don’t… Read more »

Chine-Easy Dinner

Chine-Easy Dinner It’s back to school and work schedule so I made a quick stir fry tonight, with a twist.  With this blog in the back of my mind, I experimented a bit.  My family members dig beef so I decided to experiment with an inexpensive, thinly sliced round steak I had in the fridge.  The marinade… Read more »

Soup and Sidewalk Tamales

Last Thursday I bought a dozen tamales from a street vendor.  This was out of character for me given my regard for proper sanitation and food handling practices.  As I was heading into the gym on Sonoma Highway for my last workout of the year, I heard a man call out “tamales” as he pushed… Read more »

A "Duckadent" New Year's Celebration

who needs a French sauterne, this was a match made in heaven