Eat Locally, Eat Fresh Pheasant

My dad has been doing a lot of hunting lately and bringing home fresh pheasants.  We have made an excellent French recipe called Braised Pheasant with Red Cabbage and Chestnuts several times this season.  It is so good my friend wanted to serve it for her Thanksgiving Dinner. Consistent with my annual theme of using what… Read more »

Our Spudnick Moment….

Baked potatoes are a great foundation for a meal to satisfy many appetites.  We had them for dinner tonight with a variety of toppings served in separate bowls.  There was ground lamb and sausage, veggie meatballs, sour cream, salsa, parsley and butter.  It gave everyone a chance to eat what striked their fancy for a change. … Read more »

Eat Your Heart Out Taco Bell

Now that Taco Bell has some answering to do with their meat, I can make a stronger argument for this 100% vegetarian and delicious product

The Best This Year, If I Do Say So Myself

Tonight was the bomb-diggity! The “piece de resistance” was what I call “Lamb Bourgingnon”. The inspiration ingredient was small white beans, in a bag, which were burning a whole in my kitchen drawers. From there I created the best meal I’ve cooked this year. I found a recipe for braised lamb in the Cordon Bleu… Read more »

It's Easy To Make Lemon Curd

“What am I going to do with all those lemons?” I said out loud to myself last week as I lugged the almost full grocery bag full of lemons from Ivy’s generous tree.  The first thing I did was buy a juicer at Target.  I’ve lived too long without a motorized machine to help with… Read more »

What’s in a Markup?

Have you ever taken a percentage to the bank?  Have you ever cashed a check payable in percentage? Like many businesses, the staffing industry has various ways to price our services. Markup is a common term that usually refers to a fee that is a percentage of the employee’s wage that’s added to that wage.… Read more »

Buttermilk Makes It Good

My dear friend Ivy has shared many things with me during the 20 years we’ve known each other – one is her experience with baking.  Choosing recipes that have buttermilk almost guarantees it’s going to be delicious.  She says, “Whenever there is buttermilk, it always turns out moist.”  She’s right.  Last weekend, on a brief… Read more »

Dinner In A Bag

Last night we had tilapia in parchment paper. It was delicious and a fun way to get kids interested in unfolding dinner. Tilapia was on sale at Whole Foods for $4.99 a pound. This is the second time we’ve had this meal and it’s been a winner. There are lots of recipes on-line for fish… Read more »

Brussels Sprouts Metamorphosis

The pinnacle of my distaste was the mighty Brussels sprout.

Real Men Love Quiche

Real Men Love Quiche Last Sunday I found a couple pints of whipped cream leftover from the decadent holidays.  Indulging in whipped cream or dessert is not on the January diet so I decided to make quiche.  With enough ingredients to make two, I thought an extra would come in handy during our busy workweek. … Read more »