Medical Background?

Keep your eyes on this blog.  We have a client that is evaluating operations in their medical office.  We expect to hear from them after the first of the year.  We’ll update you as soon as we learn more details.  Keep your resume up to date!

All I Want for Christmas Is a Job!

As we approach the end of another year, it’s no secret that competition for jobs is still stiff.  We’ve offered some ideas for job hunters before, but it’s worth taking another look from a slightly different point of view. Most often, at least initially in a job search, you will be dealing with the Human… Read more »

How's Your Business Doing?

For the first time since 2007, we don’t have to dread answering that question!  Our summer peak season was a very good one historically speaking, and compared to the last two years it was spectacular.  If you’re wondering:  “Great, what’s that got to do with me and my business?” keep reading. Intuitively, we all understand… Read more »

Can you handle some good economic news?

The American Staffing Association sees steady increase in temporary employment since July 2009.  Check out their analysis. Could temporary staffing be a leading indicator of economic improvement?  Using historical data and near real time input, the authors seem to think so.  If they’re right, we may have been through the worst of the recession. You… Read more »

The New Reality: 95% Isn’t Good Enough Anymore

Woody Allen’s famous comment about showing up being 95% of success is no longer true.  In today’s job market, with hundreds of resumes pouring into companies for a single job posting, even if you’re in the top 5%, you could still find yourself competing with five or ten others for the initial job interview.  You… Read more »

Senate Rejects Provision to Ease New Paperwork Rules

Last week the Senate rejected two amendments to the Small Business Jobs Act that would have eased or repealed a provision of the health care reform law that imposes new paperwork requirements on U.S. businesses. Democrats said they plan to pursue separate action in coming months to ease the rules. Current law requires businesses that… Read more »

Surprises: Eligible to Work?

We verify the social security numbers of all the people we place.

Keys to success: References

Solid references could be the one factor that separates you from other candidates when a prospective employer is making a job offer.  At Bolt Staffing, we have a no references:  no hire policy.  We will not bring on anyone for our job assignments without them.  Here are some important things to keep in mind: Have… Read more »

We're like everyone else…

We like to hear nice things…. Hello Joanne, I would like to thank you for making me feel like I am welcome into your company, and that you are more importantly, willing and able to help me along the way. Before I appled to your company, I read the about us tab on your website.  After… Read more »

Writing Effective Job Descriptions

Writing effective job descriptions is part art, part science. The difference between a good job description and a great job description can mean the difference between recruiting average and exceptional talent. So to steal a line from author Jim Collins, how do you go from “Good to Great”? Here are a few essentials to crafting… Read more »