Wage Theft Law Confusion

Changes to FAQs Muddy Waters
January 23, 2012 the California Division of Labor Standards Enforcement issued revised Frequently Asked Questions regarding a law that became effective January 1.
The revised FAQs were issued in response to criticism from, among others, the staffing industry. In sum, the law intends to require employers to advise employees of rates of pay at the time of hiring.
There is much confusion about who is the employer in staffing agency’s relationship to their clients, as well as when and what information must be disclosed.
To get to the point for you, our client, we are following these events and providing information to our employees at the time of hiring and documenting accordingly.
If it’s appropriate, we will also advise and document the information prior to dispatching a temp to your workplace.
The American Staffing Association is the industry lead in working with the State to clarify the detailed questions and we are following their advice as it becomes available.
For now, please be assured we are doing all that is possible to insure compliance to protect you and ourselves.

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