Surprises: Eligible to Work?

Eligible Workers?
Are you considering taking advantage of flexible staffing to meet the challenges facing your business?  There are many good reasons to do it.  Obviously temps give you insulation against uncertainty, whether it’s coming from the business climate or the unpredictable nature of the human being.  While it’s clearly a buyers’ market for employers the overwhelming response to a help-wanted ad is another reason to capitalize on the efficenies of outsourcing your recruiting.
While there are enormous savings and organizational benefits to using agencies, we’ve recently learned of a serious downside that not only reflects poorly on our industry, but also exposes companies untold woe.
In the past week, I’ve heard from two new clients that had used other agencies that recruited and staffed good workers.  Both employers took the time to train, evaluate and decide to hire the agencies’ employees.  In both cases, when they ran the employee’s social security numbers they failed to match.  Needless to say, all the client’s time, money and emotional investment in these people was lost.
Both reports were shocking to me.  Bolt Staffing has always used an independent background checking company to verify the social security numbers of all the people we place.  I had assumed our competitors did likewise.  We take every possible measure to ensure that each person we send to a client is eligible to work in the USA.  I never considered the possibility that others didn’t.
On reflection, while it’s unfortunate it isn’t all that surprising.  Economic pressures can make people do things they wouldn’t ordinarily do.  Obviously this is a corner some people are willing to cut.
If you have personnel supplied by agencies other than Bolt, you may want to review their verification procedures and demand evidence that your temporary employees are eligible to work in the USA.  In addition to financial considerations, they could also be exposing you to legal trouble.
Whenever you use Bolt you can be assured that we’ve taken every precaution to protect you against this kind of surprise.  We keep objective evidence of eligibility on file for all employees.  We can present it to our clients whenever they ask.  Make sure your current agency can do the same.


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