High Unemployment Rate; Low Employables

These are strange times.  California’s jobless rate hovers close to eleven percent, yet the number of available, qualified job applicants can sometimes seem close to zero. Sure you can run an ad on any of the usual places and you’ll be buried in resumes. However when you sort through the chaff, it can be as hard as ever to find someone you’d feel comfortable talking with, much less hiring.
At BOLT we’ve devised strict guidelines for appearance. If someone going out to look for a job has no more respect for themselves to walk into our office in sweats, or displaying their body art and piercings, we’re not inspired to work with them, much less direct them to you.
We also expect our people to appear at your interviews knowing something about your company, the position you are talking with them about and ready to explain to you why you needn’t look any further to fill your position. In short we want them ready to absorb the details of your position, your company’s culture and hit the ground running.
Needless to say we also expect them to present themselves well and appear as we want be represented.
How are you finding your applicants when they come to apply?  Are they dressed appropriately?  Do you sense they are ready to go to work? Can you use some help filtering the applicant pool?
If so, give us a call!


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