Keeping Your Warehouse Staff Safe

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As warehouses continue to operate throughout Covid, managers are looking for ways to keep their staff safe. At BOLT, we want to help you through this time. Below we have listed a couple suggestions on how to protect your employees and keep operations running smoothly

Preparing for Safety

The most important aspect of dealing with COVID is to make sure there is a plan in place. This can include:

  • Purchasing extra personal protective equipment
  • Ensuring there is adequate space for social distancing
  • Having a backup plan should employees have to miss work
  • Encouraging frequent handwashing

Planning ahead will help to ease the stress employees (and you!) feel. Knowing that their employer is prepared for the challenges that Covid brings will help them to feel secure in returning to work.

Solid Communication 

Since there have been so many changes in the workplace, it is important to communicate these to your employees. An effective way to share important updates could be regular emails that go out to your employees highlighting changes and safety precautions. Also, having a section on your website with updated Covid information could be very helpful to both employees, and customers.

Addressing Employee Concerns 

            This is a stressful time for many people. Transparency from their employer can be beneficial in easing their stress on the job. It can be helpful to talk to your employees directly, and not leave them guessing about what could be next. Should schedules or pay rates be changed, employees will appreciate an employer who is upfront with them. As an employee, it makes a huge difference if your employer is understanding and accommodating during this time. By showing your employees that you care, it will instill trust in them and create a better relationship in the long run.

Should you find your warehouse short-staffed, BOLT is happy to assist with any long- or short-term coverage. You are welcome to call our office at (707) 939-2800, we would love to chat about how we can help. We hope this was informative as you manage your warehouse during this uncertain time.


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