What Should I Do If I Haven’t Heard Back from a Job Application?

We get it- applying for jobs is stressful, and the waiting game that comes after you apply is even worse.  Staying confident and being patient while awaiting a response is important, but eventually, it is up to you to reach out!  Contacting employers can be intimidating, but we have a few tips to help you hear back… Read more »

Keeping Your Warehouse Staff Safe

Sonoma Staffing Agency

As warehouses continue to operate throughout Covid, managers are looking for ways to keep their staff safe. At BOLT, we want to help you through this time. Below we have listed a couple suggestions on how to protect your employees and keep operations running smoothly Preparing for Safety The most important aspect of dealing with… Read more »

You Should Go Back to Work

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Quarantine is coming to an end and businesses are reopening! If you have been collecting unemployment, you are probably aware that it runs out after a certain number of weeks. How many weeks varies by state but it is a great idea to get ahead of this deadline. Luckily for you BOLT has jobs that can get you back to work fast. Below are some of… Read more »

Meals to Make with Your Kids

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The stay at home orders have brought about two never ending challenges; constantly needing to feed everyone and trying to keep the kids entertained. Cooking with your kids can help instill in them a love for both cooking and the food they’re eating. It can also help picky eaters learn to enjoy new foods, as they will see exactly what… Read more »

Words of Wisdom (3): Hard Skills vs. Soft Skills

Sure, the interviewer herself probably won’t ask you outright to list your hard and soft skills. She might be a bit more subtle than that and ask about your “qualifications” or your “leadership style,” but you should be prepared with a mental (maybe physical, too) list of your hard and soft skills to market to… Read more »

Our words of wisdom for your job search: (1) Preparing your resume

Welcome to our newest blog series— Our words of wisdom for your job search. This opening blog will cover the all-important “Resume”. What is it? Do you need it? and How do you write a good one? Find out! Most jobs nowadays require that you submit a resume. A resume is a one page document… Read more »

April 2017 Employee of the Month: Martha Maza

photo by Scott Crossen

On Tuesday, May16th, Scott Crossen was happy to present Martha with a lovely plant for her desk. Congratulations, Martha, and keep up the good work. Stay tuned – you could be next.

Another Happy BOLT Employee – Maggie Larson

On Thursday, March 16th, Scott Crossen was happy to present Maggie with a lovely plant for her desk. Congratulations, Maggie, and keep up the good work. Stay tuned – you could be next.

Congratulations to Maggie Larson, Employee of the Week

Maggie Larsen is the BOLT Staffing Employee of the Week (03-12-2017).  In recognition of her achievement, Maggie will be receiving a gift from BOLT.   If you’re a BOLT assignment employee, you could be the next winner.  Stay tuned.

Another Happy BOLT Employee – Gabriel Boyd

On Friday, March 10th, Stephanie Villasenor was happy to present Gabriel with a $10 Starbucks gift card. Congratulations, Gabriel, and keep up the good work. Stay tuned – you could be next.