Meals to Make with Your Kids

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The stay at home orders have brought about two never ending challenges; constantly needing to feed everyone and trying to keep the kids entertained. Cooking with your kids can help instill in them a love for both cooking and the food they’re eating. It can also help picky eaters learn to enjoy new foods, as they will see exactly what is going into the dish. We at BOLT have complied some recipes to help you and your family get cooking. 

Easy Honey Bread   

  • It seems like everyone is learning to make their own bread these days, so get your kids in on the action! This easy recipe only uses 6 ingredients; yeast, warm milk, honey, butter, salt and flour. Your kids will love this recipe as they get to help measure, mix and knead the dough. All you need is a bowl to mix and a loaf pan to bake the bread in.  

Kale Quesadillas  

  • This recipe is a great way to add vegetables into a meal that your kids already know and love. It has simple instructions so you can get the whole family involved in making dinner. It is a great way to introduce kids to kale, using cheese and spices to mask the bitter taste. It is a vegetarian recipe, but you can always add meat if you like!  

Pita Pizzas  

  • Personal pizzas are the perfect way to make sure everyone gets exactly what they want for dinner. The kids can decide what toppings they want and design their pizzas themselves. Easy to assemble and quick to cook, these pizzas are sure to be a family hit. 


  • This recipe is super helpful for getting the whole family cooking by designating exactly which steps should be done by the kids and which steps by the adults. This is a complex one, so make sure that you have all your ingredients ready before you get started. Here are some inexpensive kid-safe knives that will get your kids excited about cooking while keeping them safe in the kitchen. 

Pasta with Vegetable Marinara Sauce 

  • Another vegetarian recipe and great way to incorporate vegetables into a classic dish. This one calls for a lot of different ingredients, but don’t stress if you don’t have everything! You can use whayou have on hand and it will still come out delicious. This recipe is a great opportunity to teach your kids how to dice different vegetables and maybe even try something new.  Feel free to add cheese or more tomato sauce if it makes the dish more familiar to your kids. 


We hope this post may have inspired you to enlist your kids for some help in the kitchen. Cooking as a family is a great way to get help in the kitchen while getting the whole family excited about meal. And who knows, maybe someone will try something new or discover a love for cookingBon appetit! 


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