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Quarantine is coming to an end and businesses are reopening! If you have been collecting unemployment, you are probably aware that it runs out after a certain number of weeks. How many weeks varies by state but it is a great idea to get ahead of this deadline. Luckily for you BOLT has jobs that can get you back to work fast. Below are some of the reasons you should begin your job search sooner rather than later. 

  • Unemployment runs out! 

As stated above, unemployment checks run out after a certain number of weeks. Preparing for this early on will help ensure that you are financially secure while transitioning back to work. Lockdown in California began more than 13 weeks ago so many people’s unemployment checks will be running out soon, if they havent already. The last thing you want to happen is to get stuck with no income after the checks stop coming. Avoid this by beginning your job search now. 

  • Businesses are reopening

The summer brings a lot of seasonal work to California. Many warehouses and wineries hire extra staff to help with the increased demand and this is great for job seekers. Also, many businesses reopening after lockdown are hiring people specifically for sanitation positions. Jump on these opportunities now before they are filled! 

  • Beat the rush 

Lots of people will be applying for jobs at the same time when unemployment runs out. Job searches will be easier and faster the sooner you begin looking for jobs. Most businesses are operating on a limited budget due to the lockdown so they will not be hiring tons of staff. It is good to get your name and resume to places early, so you will be seriously considered before they fill their positions.  


BOLT can help you find work today. Our job board gets updated with new positions every day and we have a team of talented recruiters who dedicate themselves to finding positions that work for you. We have open positions in a variety of industries like warehouse, administrative, accounting and hospitality. If you are looking for work, BOLT can help you find it. Click here to view our open jobs and here to submit a general applicationWe will help get you back to work fast. 


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