Bolt Will Help Keep Your Business Clean

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Returning to a workplace in the age of Coronavirus can be unnerving, but it doesn’t have to be. Bolt has begun staffing sanitation positions for wineries, production facilities, warehouses and office spaces in the Bay AreaCould your business use some extra assistance staying clean? Let us help! We staff positions like  

  • Temperature Checkers 
  • Sanitation Specialists 
    • Have our staff of sanitation specialists keep your business clean so your staff can focus on what is important 
  • Restroom Attendants 
    • Along with keeping your restroom clean they can also enforce social distancing and limit the amount of patrons in the restroom at a time 
  • Guest Support 
    • Can hand out personal protective equipment like masks and hand sanitizer to customers, making them feel more secure  
  • And more! 

These positions are great for businesses for a couple of reasons. First and foremost, they can help keep you, your employees and customers safe and healthy during this uncertain time. These services can also provide everyone with peace of mind that sanitation is a main priority of your company and that you are doing all you can to keep them safe and healthy. No one wants to return to work or go out to eat if they do not feel like safety is unimportant to the business. Provide everyone with peace of mind by making sure your business is visibly and continuously being sanitized. 

If these services sound like they could be of use to your company, learn more about our sanitation positions and watch our new video by clicking here!  

For our employees who were working in hospitality before COVID-19, we know business is slow right now. If sanitation work is something you are interested in please check out our page here to learn more. We want to help you get back to work!  


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