Why Checking Temperatures is Good for Business

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For businesses reopening in this age of uncertainty, sanitation is a main priority. Temperature checks for all patrons and employees have been recommended by the CDC but many question the legitimacy of these protocolsThough getting your temperature checked is not a fail proof way to detect Coronavirus, checking temperatures is one of the many preventative measures businesses should be taking. When used in tandem with other measures like face masks and social distancing, these interventions can greatly help to slow the spread of COVID-19 as the country begins to reopen. Below are a couple reasons why checking temperatures is an effective measure. 

Fevers are common symptom of COVID 

  • Fevers, along with coughs and shortness of breath, are some of the most common and recognizable symptoms of Coronavirus. Though not everyone who gets infected has the same symptoms, preventative measures are effective when based off of the most common symptoms. Fevers can be detected quickly and painlessly through contactless, infrared thermometers. These are relatively inexpensive and some are even being distributed by states to businesses that are reopening. They are available on many websites and in some storesthis model is $50. 

An important tool in the toolbox, but not the only tool 

  • Temperature checks are important but alone will not stop the spread of the Coronavirus. It is important for businesses to consistently sanitize their surfaces and provide hand sanitizer to patrons. All businesses, offices and warehouses should also allow adequate room for social distancing between people.  

Demonstrates a safety is being prioritized 

  • Checking temperatures, along with visible sanitation efforts and enforcing social distancing, can help demonstrate to your customers that you are putting their safety first. Everyone is a little nervous about the reopening process so it is good to reassure your customers that you are prioritizing sanitation. 


BOLT has recently begun staffing sanitation positions like temperature checkers, sanitation staff and social distancing monitors to assist businesses in their reopening’sWe want to take on the burden of sanitizing so that businesses can focus on what they do best. If these services could be useful for your business, click here to learn more.  


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