BOLT 500 Winner: David Currie

BOLT 500 David

“Mother’s day is right around the corner so this money is going towards gifts for all the mothers in my life. They’ll be as excited as I am!”

Congratulations to our first winner of the BOLT 500, David Currie! We stopped by his worksite on Friday afternoon to present him with our jumbo check and thank him for his hard work.

“BOLT’s always been really good about finding me a job. The fastest turnaround I’ve had is like 4 hours! I called asking for work and by that afternoon I got a call saying ‘Hey, you can start here on Monday’ I didn’t even get a long weekend out of it!”

David won $500 for showing up to work, and you could too! To qualify for the BOLT 500 all you need to do is:
1) Work with BOLT
2) Have perfect attendance
3) Be willing to get shouted out if you win.

That’s it! All BOLT employees who meet that criteria are automatically entered into our weekly raffle for a chance to win $500. 


Ready to get started? Visit to complete our Quick Application and start earning $$$ with BOLT!


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