How Do I Get a Forklift License?

How do I get a forklift license?

Having a forklift license can increase your earnings because it gives you more skills and makes you more valuable to your company.

Earning your forklift license makes you become more proficient at work and allows you to feel more confident in yourself. In addition, it is very important to know that you are minimizing accidents and risk of getting injured on the job while also reducing financial losses from damaged goods.

There are many great reasons to get your forklift license and start a new career as a forklift operator!

Why should you get a forklift license?

You may know how to properly run the machine and the risks associated with it. However, driving a forklift requires that you have the necessary skills and qualifications to do your job. A forklift license confirms you have been trained to be more productive and efficient operator, well-qualified for all types of forklift work, get hired before other job applicants that don’t have a forklift license, avoid violations and penalties of $12,934 or more.

How do I get a Forklift License?

1. Signing up for a certification teaching

  • OSHA-approved course: you can choose whether in person or online
    • In person: From vocational school or local company
    • Online: From your computer, tablet, or smartphone

2. Taking the classes

3. Passing the exam

4. Hands-on training and evaluation

  • Practical exercises performed by the trainee
    • In-person: You will operate an actual forklift and get a real-life feel for it
    • Online: You will only have the classroom “theory” portion

5. License

  • Your employer (or a qualified 3rd party trainer) actually certify you to operate a forklift and they must do two things before you can legally operate a forklift:
    • Confirm that you’ve received the required training
    • Evaluate you as you operate a forklift in the workplace

Forklift Certification

Now, if you are wondering where you can find a forklift certification teaching that is convenient, quick, and affordable, you are in the right place!

Choose the option that works best for you and START NOW to receive your forklift license!

Once you have your license, think about giving BOLT a call. At BOLT we find you a forklift job that pays $18/hour or more so you can enjoy a decent income as a forklift driver and enjoy a successful career that matches your choice of the city, the industry, and the position you can qualify for. Click here to complete our 1-minute quick application!

Completing a forklift license shows that you are serious about getting the job. It shows that you care. Have questions? Please don’t hesitate to call or text our office at (707) 939-2800, we would love to talk with you!


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