Camila Matthews: 2020 Employee of the Year

Camila Matthews

Congratulations to Camila Matthews on being named BOLT’s 2020 Employee of the Year! In her almost 10 years at BOLT Staffing, she has proved herself as a stellar recruiter and an enthusiastic team leader. This past year has been difficult for many small businesses and BOLT was no exception. Camila was essential in helping BOLT navigate hiring challenges and providing much needed optimism. We are very lucky to have her on our team, but don’t just take it from me. Here is what some of her coworkers had to say at our (virtual) award ceremony:

  • “Camila is a foundational piece of BOLT Staffing. She helps our business stay strong under stress and she absolutely helped us survive 2020”
  • “She has always been a patient leader for the recruiting team and I know I can ask her anything ”
  • “Camila puts in 120 percent for every order and I am very grateful to have her on our team”
  • “She handles every challenge that is thrown at her with grace and positivity”
  • “From day one Camila has been a friendly face in the office. She will always take time out of her day to help someone and never gets frustrated”

Camila Matthews

Thank you, Camila for all that you do for us, we are very grateful to have you as part of the BOLT family. Congratulations again on your award, you earned it!


2 thoughts on “Camila Matthews: 2020 Employee of the Year

  1. CamiIa, I so happy to see you were honored by your exceptional service and wonderful all around employee. You are always so helpful, professional and friendly.
    Happy New Year

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