Fun Ideas for a Covid-Safe Thanksgiving

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Happy Thanksgiving from BOLT! The holiday season is going to be different this year due to the ongoing pandemic, but different doesn’t have to mean worse. To protect yourself and your family, it is best to turn to low risk activities this holiday season. BOLT is here to help! Below we have compiled some fun and unique ideas for your Covid-safe Thanksgiving.

Organize a Thanksgiving family meal swap

Enjoy your families cooking from the comfort and safety of your own home with a Thanksgiving meal swap! Have each participating household prepare one dish; for instance, family A makes the turkey, family B makes the stuffing, etc. Then, use Tupperware to make a portion for each house and safely swap your containers with the other families. When all parts of the meal are distributed, everyone can enjoy each other’s cooking in the comfort of their own home. Not only is this a lot easier than hosting or preparing a whole meal, only making one dish means you can throw this together in an evening. You can even have dinner with the whole family via video chat!


Gather the family for a day outside

While the days are still warm, take advantage from the time off of work and enjoy day in the park with your family. There are many fun, socially distanced activities you can do with enough space. Try an obstacle course or a good-old game of catch. You could even organize a scavenger hunt for your extended family or neighborhood, a great way to get everyone moving and encourage some friendly competition. Check out this article which has some great ideas for your next scavenger hunt.


Throw a virtual family game night

When you can’t gather physically, a virtual game night can be a great alternative. There are tons of online multiplayer games out there, so there is sure to be something everyone will enjoy. You can play classics like UNO or Monopoly, or try something new. Among Us! and Quiplash have been fan favorites throughout quarantine, organize your family one evening and try them out!


We hope this gave you some fun ideas for your holiday weekend. If you are looking to earn some extra cash before the season of giving gets underway, check out our job board! We have tons of open jobs all over the Bay Area, and new ones get posted every day. Have a great Thanksgiving everyone!


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