Reflecting on Stephanie’s Time at BOLT

Bay Area Temp Staffing Agency

Last week one of BOLT’s best employees moved on to a new role in the Sonoma Valley School District. For 6 years Stephanie Gutierrez worked at Bolt as a recruiter and helped to place hundreds, if not thousands, of job applicants. She won BOLT’s Employee of the Year award in 2017 and everyone in the office knew her as a bubbly and hard-working team member. We asked her coworkers to reflect on what it was like to work with Stephanie, here is what they said:

A team player, someone you can always count on

“She knew the right questions to ask, was a team player, and someone you can count on. Plus, you always knew where she was or what mood she was in because her voice always carried. She always had a lot of energy and was extremely bubbly. She will definitely be missed.”

She brought life into the office

“She is a hard-working individual who takes her job to heart and is always willing to go the extra mile to help someone. She brought life into the office. She is funny, happy, tries to find the good in others, and overall an awesome person. I will miss her dearly”

Helped solidify our relationships with clients

“She was quick to offer support to our employees but didn’t take their excuses and pushed them to be better. Always energetic and bubbly in the office she helped solidify our relationships with clients by consistently getting good people for their teams. She was always happy to jump into a project to get jobs filled, even after hours.”

Made meetings more fun

“When I joined the Bolt team Stephanie was one of the first people I spoke to. She was incredibly kind and welcoming, and I could immediately tell that her positivity was genuine. She has a great laugh and sense of humor that always made meetings more fun. I only knew her for a short amount of time, but I will definitely miss her energy in the office.”

I miss the energy she brings

“Stephanie started out in the Sonoma office then Anthony stole her for American Canyon office!  I was slightly bummed to say the least! I miss the energy she brings to the office.”


We all miss you but are rooting for you in your new role! We know you will do great things!


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