Camaraderie: Our Secret Weapon

We all want the kind of job that makes us look forward to going to work. Yeah, that has a lot to do with the nature of the job itself, but it also has to do with your coworkers. And even if you really like the people that you work with, it’s important for companies to build team culture. According to Forbes, “team building is the most important investment you can make for your people.”

Thankfully, we value our team here at Bolt Staffing and we have many team members that work hard to continue to create a welcoming environment.

Just last week, Calvin put on a team-building activity for the whole staff. Some key features: the activity included everyone and ensured that newer and more senior staff members from different departments worked together. The puzzles were so successful because they did not mimic another day at the office. They brought everyone together encouraging active-listening and shared leadership. Danielle shared her thoughts: “We don’t typically all come together as sales, operations, and accounting to problem solve. It was eye opening to see who naturally took the lead.”

Deb also led an activity that had everyone laughing! Her drawing exercise took the group’s mind off of work and helped build community! Let’s face it, awarding the winner of any game with wine tends to be a crowd-pleaser. Scott wrapped things up with a nod to the individuals in the group! These collective activities really strengthen our community.

Thank you all for your participation in these exercises! We have to continue to promote this camaraderie to keep up our positive energy here at Bolt Staffing. A special shout out to Calvin, Deb and Scott for facilitating the puzzles and praises. If anyone else has any ideas they want to contribute to our next round of team-building, we’d love to hear them. Keep up the energy!



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