How College Students benefit from BOLT

by Andrew Noerr, Sourcing Specialist

In today’s economic landscape, even amidst a strong market in numerous sectors, it is becoming increasingly more difficult to corral the rising costs of higher education for students and plan for the future. Crippling debt, competition to gain experience via internships, and the sheer amount of stress from committing to a career choice and hoping that it translates to success in the workforce are all factors that many students address as they navigate through their college years. Even though students may not quite feel the same level of adversity that others experience during their working years, the challenges and obstacles are still tall nevertheless, and any resources they can receive during those transformative years can be very consequential for their development going forward.

One simple way that college students can support themselves while in school is to make some extra money when they are on holiday breaks and not currently in class. One obvious problem with that goal is that the jobs available to students who are only in town for a shorter period of time are not as widely available as all the other full-time jobs for the usual jobseeker. Where can college students go to find work any time of the year, schedule shifts around their agendas, and make quality money that can be used for college expenses, future savings, or just plain fun?

BOLT Staffing is the perfect resource for that endeavor! As a staffing firm, we place employees on a wide range of temporary, temp-to-hire, and direct hire positions all throughout the Bay Area. On the temporary side of things, we often receive requests for staff that are only needed on a short-term basis or for on-call work. Most people, understandably, seek full-time work when they come to BOLT for job opportunities. That means that college students can be the perfect demographic for seizing upon the other available roles for our clients, and with the local Solano and Napa County economies booming at the moment, they can make plenty of money along the way!

Need more convincing? Why not read about one of our most reliable college students who’s been killing it with our clients! A current student of Stanislaus State in the Central Valley, Ailey has performed like an All-Star when it comes to taking temporary assignments with many of our clients when she is back in town. She has been a workhorse in assisting many of our Hospitality clients with their back-of-house needs, and she has also been one of the most consistent performers when working at the Sonoma Raceway!

Ailey graciously agreed to participate in a brief Q&A with us about the value of BOLT in providing her work opportunities and income while she is on school breaks, and her insight is very valuable to those in school who wish to make extra money just like her!

Andrew: How did you first hear about BOLT Staffing?

Ailey: I initially heard about BOLT Staffing from my best friend who also is a student and works with this agency. I was skeptical at first because it sounded too good to be true. I started in the summer after I graduated last year and have remained working for BOLT ever since.

Andrew: Why do you go to BOLT Staffing during breaks from school, and how have we been a reliable resource for work and money?

Ailey: I go to BOLT Staffing when I have time away form school because they are flexible and the pay is really good which helps a lot. Especially since I have many things I need to pay for as a college student. BOLT Staffing has always provided me with work when I need it, and that’s important since it’s not like a guaranteed 9-5 job.

Andrew: Do your friends know about us and staffing agencies in general?

Ailey: All of my friends have tried signing up or successfully signed up because of all the positivity they have heard about it. We have had the opportunity to work together as well because it would be easier on gas rather than doing separate jobs. We were able to carpool when my friends didn’t have cars, but that didn’t stop them from getting work because we asked BOLT to assign us to the same jobs, and they happily did.

Andrew: Let’s just say that they didn’t know about staffing agencies. How can they benefit from working with one?

Ailey: For my friends who aren’t familiar with staffing agencies, they can benefit from the schedule flexibility offered. Most of the people I am friends with are student athletes as well and their confusing schedules can be taken in consideration too which is very important. Like I mentioned before, the pay is great and students will appreciate this greatly, considering all the necessities we need while away at college.

Judging from this very useful feedback that we received from Ailey, BOLT Staffing has clearly served as a very productive supplementary resource for her. We work with countless other students too, and their stories are quite similar. Whether it is the need for schedule flexibility, convenience with arranging logistics like carpooling for jobs, or the obvious need for some extra income, working with a staffing agency can provide tremendous benefits for those who need that extra outlet in life to provide funds and rewarding job opportunities. This is especially true in our current era of student loans, soaring debt, and other school-related stresses that come from being a college student. We are here to help, and we look forward to working with more students in the future. If you’re a college student looking for work in Napa, Solano, Sonoma, Marin, or San Francisco Counties, contact us today!



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