Success Stories: How BOLT Staffing Can be the Perfect Resource for New College Graduates (Part IV of V)

Now let’s hear from Clarence Carandang. His background is unique given that he received his Bachelor’s Degree last year in Civil Engineering from De La Salle University in the Philippines! He was seeking an opportunity, just like Connor, that offered tremendous room-for-growth in his field, and we successfully placed him with a great client in Vacaville for an AutoCAD Drafter role. He also accepted an offer to join a Q&A Session about his time looking for jobs straight out of college.

Andrew Noerr (AN), Sourcing Specialist: What were some of the difficulties that you faced in finding a job fresh out of college?

Clarence Carandang (CC): As someone who is fresh out of college, one of many difficulties I encountered in finding a job is not knowing where to start. Not knowing where to search job openings, what kinds of jobs to apply for and what salary to take are just some of the issues I faced as I was job hunting. And, coming from a different country, I was never sure what are the entry-level jobs graduates from this country with the same degree like me would typically apply for.

AN: How did BOLT Staffing help find you a quality position and make the hiring process seamless and easy?

CC: BOLT Staffing helped me in setting up an interview with the company I want to work for. Additionally, BOLT Staffing helped me in preparing for the interview by having an orientation. All in all, the hiring process went smooth and easy because of BOLT Staffing.

Stay tuned for the last part of this blog series in which we’ll review how to get ready to work with BOLT Staffing so you can get on to your career.





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