Success Stories: How BOLT Staffing Can be the Perfect Resource for New College Graduates (Part III of V)

As promised, here’s my interview with Connor Brady, one of BOLT’s many successful college graduate placements.

Andrew Noerr, BOLT Sourcing Specialist:  What were some of the difficulties that you faced in finding a job fresh out of college?

Connor Brady: The biggest difficulty was long, drawn out interview processes. Starting out fresh and not having much of an established professional network made the hiring process hard. With one company in particular, the process was several months and consisted of multiple phone   interviews and 2 in-office interviews that were pretty intimidating.  I received a call back for another in-person interview in which I assumed would be the job offer but they just wanted to ask me some more questions and get a better feel of my personality. The interview ended with the interviewer essentially saying I would be hired for the position and to wait for the final job offer via a phone call  (but) I never got the call back and was never told a definitive “no”.  I waited another week and then realized that they were never going to call me back and that I wasted my time and energy for the past 2 months. At that point, I was very discouraged and did not want to go through that again. I remembered I had talked with a BOLT Staffing representative at my college career fair and I decided to give them a call. The rest is history!

AN:  How did BOLT Staffing help find you a quality position and make the hiring process seamless and easy?

CB:  Connor: Bolt Staffing helped me immensely to find great employment and the process was lightning fast too. I called them on a Friday and they set me up for a consultation with a recruiter for the next Monday. After my consultation that Monday, I had a promising interview set up with a great company just 2 days later on Wednesday! I had a great interview and was hired within an hour after leaving the interview and started the following Monday! Only 1 week after my initial consultation with BOLT was I hired in a temp-to-hire capacity with a great company! I couldn’t have dreamed of an easier and more seamless process! It was the exact opposite of what I experienced during the job search on my own. I’ve been with that same company for 13 months and I am approaching my 1 year anniversary as a full time hire with the company. It has been such a rewarding experience and it was all because of BOLT and its great connections with quality employers.

Next time, we’ll speak with Clarence Carandang, who was looking for a position where he could put his newly minted degree in civil engineering to good use.  Guess what happened?


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