Field Trip: Finding Great Talent at the NorCal Regional Job Fair, by Andrew Noerr, Sourcing Specialist

Searching for quality talent in today’s ultra-tight employment market is becoming more and more of a laborious task. A lot of the best talent in today’s workforce is already employed, and companies are having to invest significantly more time and resources to vie for the available workers that are looking for new jobs. In addition to the usual methods of job postings, sourcing via resume databases, and referrals, we here at BOLT Staffing know that we have to extend outside the usual routines to recruit for qualified talent. Our ventures recently took us to the NorCal Regional Job Fair at the Solano Community College on Thursday, April 5, 2018, and the experience was more gratifying than anyone could imagine!

Overall, the experience was a tremendous success. During a four-hour span, troves of passive and active jobseekers flooded the job fair to network with Recruiters and HR Representatives from countless organizations. BOLT didn’t miss anyone throughout the day, as we interacted with a large quantity of diverse individuals with a lot of unique work histories. From meeting highly skilled administrative candidates to former high-level coordinators and supervisors in the public sector to motivated warehouse staff, we gathered tons of resumes from candidates that we can call upon to fulfill a lot of our open positions for local clients.

Job fairs are a valuable resource for Recruiters to increase existing candidate pools and network with local jobseekers to make the best connections between candidates and clients. They require an investment of time and willingness to leave our daily schedules at our desks to extend beyond our comfort zone and attract talent that we may never find by simply utilizing digital tools in the office. Whenever a local job fair is announced, BOLT Recruiters are active participants, and we look forward to meeting more ambitious and motivated candidates at the next one! We hope to see you there!


3 thoughts on “Field Trip: Finding Great Talent at the NorCal Regional Job Fair, by Andrew Noerr, Sourcing Specialist

  1. Andrew, I think this drives home just how committed Bolt is to helping not only those looking for work, but also to those companies hiring us to find talent!

  2. Andrew, great piece! A successful job fair is extremely rewarding for both job seekers and recruiters. Nothing beats finding a candidate their dream job! 🙂

    1. Andrew, LOVE this! Face to face recruiting can be extremely rewarding and it’s a great way to fill our candidate pipeline.

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