Leading Companies, Leading Perks

From black bean and avocado salmon to unlimited vacations, many leading companies are racing to keep their employees and keep them engaged. Here’s an article that lists 7 companies and the perks they offer their employees.
Not everyone one can build a dance studio or gym for employees, but there is room in this list for creativity in your employee retention strategies. Before you dismiss something like unlimited vacation time, for example, it might be worth researching the experience of companies that offer it.
There are reports that it actually had little influence on how much vacation time employees actually used. At least in the experience of some companies, employees remained focused on their work and used time off more or less as they had with conventional vacation benefits.
Naturally your experience may vary, but it’s possible your workforce may appreciate the benefit without actually using it. Morale is a function of perception at least as much as reality.
By the way, you will probably notice that several companies listed are Bay Area based.


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