We're from the Government, and You'd Better Let Us In!

Once upon a time Americans enjoyed the guarantees of the US Constitution’s Bill of Rights, including the 4th Amendment guarantee that we would be secure in our persons, papers…, and effects. Alas, as the administrative state has assumed more and more power, legal niceties such as warrants or an owner’s consent to searches are going the way of the dodo bird.
A recent court decision upheld the EEOC’s power to demand an onsite investigation following a discrimination complaint despite the company’s objections.
The only consolation for those of us sentimentally clinging to the America we learned about in our civics classes was the court restricted EEOC from a general search of the company’s premises. Instead the EEOC could only investigate evidence related to the complaint. Well, at least in this court’s decision.  No doubt it’s only a matter of time…
For the regrettable details, here’s an article.


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