How to find a job: 5 tips to get a good job

How to find a job? Have you sent hundreds of resumes and couldn’t find a perfect fit? We know, looking for a new job can often be exhausting. How do you look for work? Do you send copies of your resume to all the places that appear? Do you register on all employment platforms? Do you ask your friends and family for help? 

Believe me: the lack of focus and a well-defined strategy can be hurting you. Anyone who wants a new job must set well-defined goals, trust and know how to communicate their experiences and potential in the best possible way. 

How to find a job

Here are 5 tips to help you find a job.  

  1. Define a clear goal

The first thing you need to do to find a job is set goals and focus on them. We know that for many people, being unemployed can be stressful, but it is necessary to remain calm. Instead of starting to apply for hundreds of offers, be very clear about your goal. And how to do it? 

It’s very simple: think of a job that you want, that is related to your academic profile or that requires skills that you master very well. You can start looking for a job and make a list of the companies you would like to work for. To contact them, use social networks or Internet portals and request available opportunities. Applying for job offers related to your profile will make your search much easier. 

  1. Network

Meeting people is a great way to find work, but this does not mean that you should hand out your business cards uncontrollably. You must focus on the people with whom you can build a relationship. Think about who you can help and who may also have an opportunity for you. Networking is exchanging knowledge, helping each other, and making collaborations, not just handing out a card or making friends on social media. Be interested in meeting people from your area and who, in the future, may recommend you to the company for which they work, for example. Some of our BOLT recruiters have found multiple jobs for new and old candidates!  

  1. Use social media

Social networks are also very useful to find a job. Every day hundreds of recruiters go online to find professionals and fill their vacancies. Therefore, it is important that you create a profile on social networks, mainly on LinkedIn, which specializes in the professional environment. Make sure to put a profile image where you demonstrate professionalism, highlight your main skills, as well as show your level of training and previous experience. 

  1. Make a good resume

A good resume is your best cover letter when it comes to landing a good job. Your resume needs to be able to show the company that you are everything they need. So, highlight your strengths so that when recruiters read it, they think you are the person they were looking for. Be sure to include only the data that is relevant, put your contact information, such as email and telephone, and make a grammar and spelling check. If you want other tips on how to create a good resume, reach out to one of our friendly BOLT recruiters (707) 939-2800!  

  1. Prepare well for interviews

A job interview is your best chance to convince an employer to hire you. Therefore, it is important that you prepare very well and avoid improvising too much. For more information on how to best prepare for an interview, check out our blog on interview preparation here where we dive into the importance of nailing your interview!

On the internet, there are hundreds of pages that you can use to find a job and discover vacancies related to your professional profile, location, and even the positions you would like to fill. Lucky for you BOLT Staffing has a great easy to navigate website where you can find all sorts of jobs. If you would like to get started call (707) 939-2800 where one of our friendly recruiters is waiting for your call!   


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