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College students are going back to school, but it might look a little different than past years. Whether your university is holding in person classes or operating remotely it is safe to say that the 2020 school year will be a unique time for everyone. One thing that almost all students will be faced with is an increase in free time. Sports seasons, Greek life and parties will all, for the most part, be put on hold and this means you’re probably wondering what you’re going to do with all your time. How about a job?


It can feel like there are options are limited right now, especially for job seekers without a degree, but a staffing agency can be a useful tool for applicants of all skill levels. Even with the unemployment rate high there are still plenty of places looking to hire and a staffing service can help connect you to those companies.


You may want to take advantage of the pandemic to explore job opportunities outside your intended career field. Staffing agencies can be a great tool for students and recent graduates who are looking for work, as they can provide short and long-term opportunities in a variety of industries. Keep reading for a couple of tips for navigating the staffing industry as a student.


Find something local

Staffing agencies exist almost everywhere in the United States. If you live in a city or another densely populated area it is very likely that there will be multiple options for you. A local agency, or branch of an agency, is most likely your best option because they will have the best insight into your city’s geography, unique commute challenges and local companies that are hiring.


Check for specific industries

Before applying to an agency, you will want to check what industries they staff. If you are a college student, you are probably not going to find work at an agency that only staffs C-suite executives or professional healthcare workers. Look at their website to make sure they staff industries you are qualified for and interested in. Common staffing industries that are great for college students include administration, warehouse, hospitality.


See what assignment lengths they place

For most college students full time or long term jobs are not what you are looking for. The beauty of the staffing industry is that you can often choose how much you want to work and when. Make sure that the company you are applying for offers flexible employment options.


If nothing else, just apply

All of this being said, it is in your best interest to just apply. Even if the agency doesn’t currently have jobs for you, submitting your resume can never hurt. They will usually put your skills and desired industries into their database and reach out to you when they have an opening you might be interested in. It can never hurt to apply!


We hope this is helpful for you as you navigate going back to school, whatever that may look like. If you are looking for work in the Bay Area, we at BOLT would love to help you through your process. You can click here to fill out our quick application or call us at 707-939-2800 to chat about how we assist you in your job search. Stay safe and healthy everyone!


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