Tips for Returning to Work After COVID

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After 3 months of quarantine, many businesses are reopening and people are returning back to workplaces. This can be nerve-wracking for many, but it doesn’t have to be. Below are some tips on how to ensure a smooth transition back into the workforce 

Wear a mask

Make sure you have a mask that you will be comfortable wearing for extended periods of time. Try to find one that is not too tight or loose and that will cover both your nose and mouth. Etsy has hundreds of different masks from small businesses, in every shape and color. Check some out here.

Make sure you are comfortable returning work 

It is important to make sure that you are comfortable returning to a workplace before you do so! All employers are mandated by the state to allow adequate room for social distancingStudies have shown that with masks and proper social distancing the risk of transmission of the Coronavirus is low Additionally, there are many remote work opportunities that may be suitable for you, so check those out too. 

Ask your employer about any special requirements before you show up 

You will want to know about any special requirements or expectations before you show up to an assignment. Ask your staffing agency or employer if there is anything that you will have to bring to the assignment, like a mask or other PPE.  

Everyone is nervous!

It is normal to be unsure about what returning back to work will look like. After months in quarantine you won’t be the only one nervous. Make sure to approach the job with a friendly and positive attitude and you will be fine! If you have any concerns about your placement reach out to your staffing agency or supervisor and they will work with you. 


We hope you will find these tips useful as you return to work, you got this!


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