California’s Phase Three Allows Wineries to Reopen

California Temp Agency

We are so excited that California is able to movforward with our phased reopening! This Friday, June 12th, the state of California moves into phase 3 of the reopening process. This allows “higher risk” establishments like wineries, bars, entertainment centers and gyms to reopen at limited capacity. This is phase 3 out of 4 in the reopening process, where phase 4 is the end of the stay at home order and allows high occupancy events like concerts and sporting events to occur. Northern California has seen a relatively low amount of cases in recent weeks, allowing for the counties to move forward with reopening higher risk businesses. 

While establishments and customers alike are excited for reopening’s, this process won’t occur without challenges. Most establishments will be operating at 25% of their maximum capacity and will have to shift their spaces to allow for 6 feet of social distancing between patronsFace coverings like masks will be required for all employees and patrons and outdoor seating will be prioritized. Many restaurants and bars will be reservation only for the time being as they will reach capacity quickly. 

Bolt is currently working with Rombauer and St. Francis wineries to assist in their reopening process. We are staffing positions like sanitation assistants and restroom attendants, to assist the inhouse staff with sanitizing and enforcing social distancing standards. We also offer positions like social distancing monitors, wipe down services and guest support. Our clients love these services because it makes their clients feel safe and at ease. If these positions could be of use to your company as you reopen, click this link to learn more. 


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