BOLT in the Community: Fighting Back Partnership

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This week we wanted to highlight the great work that a local Vallejo based non-profit is doing to help during the Coronavirus pandemic. The Fighting Back Partnership has been active in Solano County for more than thirty years and seeks to “prevent and end poverty and its effects”. They work with local businesses, citizens and government to further their mission of creating a safe, healthy and thriving community for everyone.  

The Fighting Back Partnership began as a community-lead initiative to address and reduce substance abuse in Vallejo. Since their beginnings in 1988 they have been providing crisis support and economic development resources for individuals and families in the area. Some of their main objectives are to foster positive development of the cities’ youth, end homelessness and revitalize neighborhoods. They also work with families, helping them meet basic needs (like food and rent), increase financial stability by teaching money management strategies and educate parents on how to successfully parent. Overall, they are investing in the success of the Vallejo and greater Solano County community. 

When the coronavirus hit California, the Partnership began to organize to protect homeless and medically vulnerable members of the community. They are currently renting rooms in local hotels to provide shelter for people experiencing homelessness. BOLT has partnered with Fighting Back to provide staff for these shelters. The staff coordinates services with community partners like Meals on Wheels, provides training for case managers on CDC procedures and facilitates the day to day operations at the hotel.  The BOLT staff have had successful experiences and we look forward to continuing our work with Fighting BackIf you or someone you know would like to learn more about these staff positions, click here to read about the job and apply. 

The Partnership has also expanded the availability of emergency funds to assist Vallejo citizens who have lost their jobs. They are working to cover rent, utilities, food and other costs for families in need. You can learn more about who is eligible for assistance on their websiteThe Fighting Back Partnership is doing fantastic work in our community and we at BOLT are grateful and proud to be a part of their efforts. 


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