We heard you’re looking for a staffing agency…

So you’re looking for a staffing agency? Maybe you’re a person seeking flexible work for when your children are at school. Maybe you need a little extra cash and are looking for a night job to supplement your already busy week. Or maybe you’re a company trying to hire talent without having to weed through endless pools of resumes. No matter who you are, we’re glad you’ve found your way to Bolt Staffing.

Welcome! We’re going to tell you a little bit about what makes us different than other staffing agencies. Simply put, why should you choose Bolt?

We’re available when you need us.

Whether you’re looking for talent or a job, we answer the phone when you call. If you’ve been keeping up with the blog, you read about the age of Artificial Intelligence.  In hospitality, it’s pretty common to find chatbots in place of humans. At Bolt, we value personal connection and we understand that it’s nice to speak with a person that can answer your questions.

We see needs and we make adjustments.

At one point, we were just Bolt Staffing with four unique specialties: Government, Warehouse/Logistics, Administrative/Accounting and Hospitality. But in 2018, we realized that we needed to develop a new brand, Bolt Gigs, to better accommodate the hospitality sector of our business. Establishing Bolt Gigs has helped us channel our attention to better serve you.

Our staff is happy.

Our turnover is quite low meaning our staff loves what they do, and they love working for Bolt. That’s helpful for you because you’re constantly engaging with friendly personnel that are excited about their work. And behind the scenes, we have lots of fun, bonding at company office parties, strengthening our relationships through team-building activities, and regularly recognizing each other’s assets. We even make fun of each other with the occasional dig at the group’s Boston sports fans… 😉

Our owner is awesome!

We’re a female-owned company! That’s pretty sweet! We’re a minority-owned company, also fantastic! Finally, we’re a family-owned business! Joanne Sanders, our founder, has twice been the mayor of the city of Sonoma, so she has lots of experience understanding the community’s needs.

Need any more reason to love Bolt? Check out our testimonials, or give us a call and we’ll tell you more ourselves. Thanks for finding your way here, we hope you like it as much as we do.



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