Philanthropy! You should do it. Here’s How:

In our more connected world, giving back to organizations that your employees care about is critical. First of all, it’s good for humanity. Secondly, it strengthens relationships with the community and makes for a positive workplace that responds to employee interests. Beyond this, companies involved in philanthropy are more attractive to potential employees. And finally, an added perk: the public notices when businesses look beyond themselves to help others. Simply put, easy marketing that makes a difference.

If you want more detailed info about the in’s and out’s of philanthropy in business, check out this report put out by Deloitte. But if you’re looking for the skinny, here’s our take on how you can get started giving back today!

Figure out what your employees care about

While giving back in any capacity is encouraged, it’s more beneficial to give back intentionally. Put out a survey or send out an email to gage your employees’ interests. Then, focus your efforts on the kinds of organizations that ring true to them.

Make a plan

How do you want to give back? In what way does it make sense for your company? Maybe you match employee volunteer hours with cash donations. Or you might want to hold fundraisers that engage with the community. Sure, it takes some extra work to organize, but this type of event demonstrates that philanthropy is not only about money, but also about fostering relationships.

Shout it out

If you’re having an event, promote it. If your employees are volunteering outside of work, give them a shout out. Everyone loves a little recognition and there’s no harm in praising the individuals in your company that are giving back to others.


So now what? Take some time to reflect on how you want to incorporate philanthropy into your organization, and then make it happen. 2020 is fast approaching. Think about how you want to ring in the new year.


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