Come Back to BOLT! (Part One): Update Your File

Have you picked up some new skills in the last year? Do you have a higher proficiency with software than you did when you originally registered with us? Does your resume reflect your new skills? Are you qualified for a higher level position than when you first talked with us? Or are you interested in picking up extra cash catering nights and weekends?
If you learned any new skills that can earn you more money, we need to know about it! We can update our records and market you to clients looking for your skill set.
Updating your file is easy and takes just two simple steps:

  1. Email us your current resume. ┬áIf you haven’t seen us in a few years put “Reactivate My Status” in the subject line of your email.


  1. Call to follow-up. Camila in American Canyon (707.563.8010) or Lisa (707.939.2800) in the Sonoma office can let you know if they think another visit will be worth your time. Having your resume in hand will make it easier for them to guide you. Remember, keeping us informed of your current skills means more money in your pocket!



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