Serving at the Track: What It's Like – by Scott Crossen, Guest Editor

When serving at the racetrack, anything can happen. You could have an hour of downtime watching the race, and then have several hours of nonstop movement. Passing out appetizers, working a buffet line, and chatting it up with different guests. It is definitely a long day, but it’s also very rewarding! Seeing the look of awe on everyone’s faces, and being in the moment is like nothing else. With the cars racing by, it’s like you are in another world. There is always help around the corner too from other employees, volunteers, and managers. It’s nice not having to feel like you are alone. Support is always appreciated, especially when there is a huge rush for more food or drinks. Here’s what to expect: there will be people dropping off platters and then from there you’ll get to place them in their designated areas. Plus, the more you do it, the more people you recognize and the closer you feel with your fellow workers. Not to mention how  fun it is seeing guests that you’ve served before and acknowledging a friendly face. That’s what NHRA and the track is all about. A fun, long day, where there is support and friendliness in each area (tent or suites).
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