How to Make The Perfect Elevator Pitch – as Developed by Nancy Collamer (continued)

Elevator Pitch: Tips on How to Land a Job – as developed by Nancy Collamer (Continued)
Refresher: What is an elevator pitch?  It’s the most succinct version of you, your skills, and why you’re perfect for the job you’re trying to get.  Imagine having to state all of that information in the time it takes to ride on an elevator.
Now let’s go through Nancy Collamer’s nine steps to getting “the perfect pitch”.
Step 2. Put it on paper.  Write down or type up your skills and everything else in your work experience that you deem relevant to the position.  Then be prepared to be tough: “grab a red pen and mercilessly delete everything that’s not critical to your pitch.”
Your goal is to whittle your pitch down to a few succinct sentences so that the listener wants to know more, as far as your fit with the position is concerned.
Next up: Format it.
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