BOLT Website Gets National Recognition!

You might have noticed the banner at the bottom of our web pages proclaiming us a winner of the 2014 ASA VOICE Award. So what is it and what does it mean? VOICE stands for “voice, originality, innovation, creativity and effectiveness.” A panel of experts convened by the American Staffing Association (ASA) to evaluate entries in four classes based on general appeal and overall quality including content and message, as well as originality of approach, target audience, and effectiveness in meeting campaign objectives.
The award came as something of a surprise as we were entered by one of our consultants and had no idea until we were notified that we had won best in class.
It’s always nice to get recognition, but our real objective is to offer something of value to our applicants, employees and clients.
Nonetheless, BOLT President Joanne Sanders expressed pleasure at the award, saying, “Not long ago we relied on Yellow Pages, press releases and classified advertising. Now our website, blog and job board enable us to communicate employment opportunities to job seekers and advice to both our clients and employees. Our website gives us limitless options for recruiting people quickly and efficiently.”


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